TimePlus new Update is available now

TimePlus, the popular time-sheeting solution for Sybiz Vision, Sybiz Visipay and Sybiz Vision Job Cost users is continually being developed. Naturally. To help our Customers and Partners uncover the additional features, we've released 17 brief 3 minute videos for your viewing.

Each of the videos can be used as mini-tutorials too....

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Even MORE  Dashboards have been released for download into Snapshot, the popular instant Dashboarding solution.

These Dashboards have been requested by a number of customers. We reviewed the needs and thought the Community could benefit from these excellent ideas.

Now you can
download them into your own Snapshot.. ...

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Some days are simply more popular than others when it comes to taking sick days, right?
Okay, let’s see if we can provide some data to substantiate our statement. That's easy with the new Employee Annual Leave and Sick Day Community Dashboard, from Snapshot - hit “Check For New Dashboards” under Settings...

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