And you’d probably agree that unless you’re using some expensive Business Intelligence Tool, the business and executive information at hand is actually well, 
NOT on hand…

your information is there

So, if you’re like most businesses striving to get the information you need, you probably end up exporting the information (from Advanced Business Manager, or Ostendo, or Sage Evolution or Sybiz Vision or Visipay) into MS Excel, then spending time sorting and delving, cutting and pasting, slicing and dicing until the data starts SCREAMING back at you, correct?

Yup, we thought so…

And then you do that export again tomorrow. And next week.  And next month…

Wasting valuable time, repeating tasks, costing money…

If that sounds familiar, there is a better way to manage your Business Analytics, Statistics, Reporting, KPI’s and general business intelligence and data!


It's called Snapshot and here are 8 ways to improve your business information sharing:


    1. How would you feel if we fired a solution at you that installs within a few minutes, (the I T guru’s call it “Plug and Play”) and instantly populates YOUR BUSINESS DATA into a bunch of wildly popular Dashboards across Sales, Inventory, Job Costing, General Ledger, and even Purchasing?

      A solution that gives you real time (that’s RIGHT NOW) valuable information across every aspect of your business? 

      That works with a variety of accounting and payroll packages across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with more vendors being added on an ongoing basis.

    2. And what if you could easily change the view of those Dashboards to instantly give you another picture of your business?
      Well, you can.
      Quickly and easily, in fact.

      How? Just by changing FILTERS on any Dashboard, the REAL TIME information changes! 


    3. And what if we whispered in your ear that you could ask us to set up your OWN Custom Dashboards?

      Look, here you go, below.There's a pull-down menu, just for your business. See?

      customised dashboards

      And, the BEST PART about Custom Dashboards?

      We can even pull information from other software you're using and plug that into a Dashboard too. Yes, it needs to have a SQL back end. (See, we can also do jargon, like our competitors.)

    4. And what if we told you that most of your Business Intelligence and Reporting needs could be instantly met by those Dashboards located under the Community Dashboard section?
      Community dashboards

      And that RIGHT NOW other companies across Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are contributing additional Dashboards!

      And that these Dashboards can be downloaded into your own version of Snapshot, at no additional cost just by clicking on the "Check for New Dashboards" icon below. 

      snapshot check for new dashboards

    5. Perhaps you’d appreciate the simple common sense ability to give others in the organisation their OWN Dashboards through simple TICK BOX PERMISSIONS?  

      snapshot dashboards manage persmissions

      See how impressive that is? 
      Allocate ANY Dashboard to ANY person in seconds.

      Let them see what they need to see, and nothing else.

      Now you can turn to them and say: “You there! I give you this Dashboard! See your own information now! Perform better! Thank you!”


      You can even give Dashboard permissions to others outside the business, like the external accountant!

      How excited would they be with their own Dashboards delivering detailed financial information about your business without the “To-and-Fro like a Yo-Yo” that normally happens when you email stuff around. 

      Real Time Profit and Loss?
      Real Time Income Statements?
      Send a shiver down your accountants’ spine! Go on...

      And it gets BETTER - read on...

    6. Want to easily generate a view of all Group Companies using the Multi-Company option?
      You can.
      You can see all Group Information, in one place. On one Dashboard.
      Sounds intelligent?

      It IS.

    7. And let's not forget the team out in the field because the Snapshot Web Dashboards option gives them the right information, anywhere, anytime.

      Want to know the BEST part about Web Dashboards?
      You're not locked into Apple, Android or even Atari.
      Nope, you can simply use any browser and view the data on your iPad or other operating system Tablet.

    8. And for those Excel addicts, how super organised would you feel about being able to easily send that Dashboard information to others in an Excel format?

      Or you could view it from now on, in any Snapshot Dashboard. Just saying….

And at the risk of repeating ourselves, there’s a Snapshot for Advanced Business ManagerOstendo, Sage Evolution, and Sybiz Vision.

There's even one for payroll, for Sybiz Visipay, on our downloads menu

smart payroll dashboards

With Snapshot for payroll, we’ve thought long and hard about what information the HR and Payroll team would likely need.

And we then delivered a bunch of Dashboards to make your information pay. (Ahem).

For more detailed information about Snapshot for Visipay, see the Snapshot for Payroll page.

To summarise:

In one simple quick install, Snapshot will extend the reporting and business intelligence of your financial system and/or payroll and provide insightful Dashboard Analytics providing real-time, useful business information.

Sure that’s a mouthful, but it’s true. Kevin agrees:

"We are finding Snapshot is very powerful, and offers a great deal of quality reporting."
                                                               Kevin Meurant      Excel

Okay, so we've given you 8 ideas on how Snapshot can improve your business information sharing, but if you're a visual person, you'd probably appreciate these screenshots and a 3-minute Snapshot video below: 

Analyse sales data

Analyse your sales data
in any way you can imagine 
Purchasing trends by product line

Visualise your purchasing trends
by product line
 Identify inactive customers

Identify quickly customers who aren't buying from you

Excess Shortfall of Stock Dashboard

Review how many times 
you've run out of product lines
Drill down on P&L statement

Visualise your P & L statement and drill down into areas that require more investigation
Review your stock holding

Review your stock holding. Too much or not enough? Instant stock valuation!


3 min video 

(Click Video icon above)

 Okay, you've come this far, so here's the deal:

      1. Snapshot installs within minutes;
      2. Instantly allowing you to see your own business data, populated into a wide selection of Dashboards;
      3. Giving you 14 days to play at no cost;
      4. And if you like it, subscribe;
      5. If not, tell us to go fly a kite.

"With Snapshot we are able to retrieve information we never dreamed we could get,
  all at the click of a button."
                                                        Sam Capuana   Star21 Customer Testimonial

 Now you may right now be thinking  - what’s the catch?

There is no catch.

There are no upfront software costs and no installation costs. If you like Snapshot, it’s a monthly fee and you can cancel anytime.
It’s so cost effective that even small businesses get an instant return on investment.

One last point

The truth is that Snapshot WORKS because we have an in-depth understanding of the different vendors we develop Snapshot for. And we stay up to date with all the latest developments so we know what makes your data tick.

And when changes happen to your core accounting, that’s okay, we’ve got you covered too with future upgrades taken care of, all downloadable online. We've made that process easy to complete and upgrades take LITTLE time and EFFORT.

Still not convinced? Why not trial Snapshot?


There’s no cost and no obligation to see your own data come alive. Click Free Trial below:

Snapshot Free Trial 

 And then you decide.

All risk-free, no obligation, NO BRAINER, right?


And hey, Snapshot works with

Sybiz Vision & Visipay


Sage Evolution






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