Snapshot software
Get meaning out of your business data

Using Snapshot we take business data and build visual analytics to give instant valuable intelligent information you can’t live without. View from any device, without the run around of data manipulation so you can make the right business decisions.  

With Snapshot, you can also "automagically" access and plug in thousands of other businesses dashboards into your own business. Stay in touch with the business pulse of Australia!




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Analyse sales dataAnalyse your sales data in any way you can imagine 


Purchasing trends by product lineVisualise your purchasing trends by product line

 Identify inactive customersIdentify quickly customers who aren't buying from you

  Excess Shortfall of Stock DashboardReview how many times you've run out of product lines
Drill down on P&L statementVisualise your P & L statement and drill down into areas that require more investigation   Review your stock holdingReview your stock holding. Have you got too much or not enough? Instant stock valuation  



Dashboards display Real Time Information

Dashboards can:

  • Be opened once, and left open to display your key information
  • Be accessed from any mobile device, all via a normal Internet connection
  • Show charts, graphs, maps, pivots, grids & other business analytical tools
  • Be personalised to each individuals taste
  • Display Operational or Financial information
  • Offer amazing Drill Down functionality, dynamically changing the view on the fly
  • Control user permissions to manage who can view what information



You can group your Dashboards in two ways


Community Dashboards

Community dashboards are a library of dashboards that everyone using Snapshot will receive. They only use standard fields and transactions from within your accounting solution, so they work on everybody's database. Plus Software is continually adding to the community dashboards and as a licensed user of Snapshot, the community dashboards are updated at the click of a button.



Customer Dashboards

Customer dashboards are typically dashboards that are specific to a businesses's internal operations. They use custom fields that customers have added to the Core Accounting solution and that only your business will see.




Works with

Sybiz Vision


Sage Evolution






Sybiz Visipay