Every Advanced Business Manager (ABM) customer we’ve met loves the idea of IMMEDIATE, real-time information across every area of their business.

It's fair to say they want visually pleasing, easy to understand business analytics.
And they want secure access to that data from home or the local café, or even while on holiday.
Pretty much anywhere, anytime access to valuable business information.ABM-Dashboard-information-anywhere-anytime
And they don’t want any “tech” complications either. 

The business data should be easy to view from any web browser, or any iPad or any Android Tablet. 
Even via a smartphone. 

Trouble free, anytime, anywhere access to information helping make the right business decisions. 

Is that TOO MUCH to ask?

(Is that hysterical laughter, we hear?)

"I'm not asking for the impossible - I want hassle free INSTANT access to my information!
And I WANT to be able to drill down on the information if I need to!
And I WANT the option of viewing multi-company dashboards for my inter-group companies!
And I also WANT to be able to get to my information without spending too much time learning new skills like report writing, or new software routines!"

Okay, okay, stop shouting. We hear you.
Immediate valuable businesss info from your data
If you’ve not had a chance to read up about Snapshot, how it works and what it can do for you, then this link is an excellent place to start. 

Or maybe you already understand what Snapshot for ABM could do for YOUR business because you've been referred to Snapshot from another happy customer?

Or maybe you already know that once implemented, Snapshot will works its algorithmic magic and interrogate your accounting data and then instantly automagically populate a wide variety of dynamic Dashboards across your different ledgers.  

The quick clip below shows you some of the Dashboards you'll be able to access immediately when you install Snapshot for Advanced Business Manager. And more Dashboards are being added on a regular basis, as customers request them.

 When you click on one of the above Dashboards names, a Snapshot will open and display valuable business information

Here are some examples of what they look like, across the General Ledger, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, and Job Costing sections of the business.

General Ledger

In the ABM General Ledger, we’ve included a Profit & Loss Dashboard, a Project Profit & Loss Dashboard, various Segmented General Ledger Dashboards, and the Balance Sheet and Trial Balance Dashboards. All of which can be customised to your specific needs.



In the ABM Sales Analysis section, you can instantly check Sales Data by Sales Rep, Territory, Customer or by Item. Need to compare Current versus Prior month Sales? Sure! Want to see customers who have been inactive for a period of time? Easy! 

Here's a list of Dashboards you can view instantly.




The ABM Purchasing Analysis gives an excellent view of purchasing trends with supplier analysis incorporating trend lines and optional filters to provide an instant view of where you could improve with regards to suppliers.



The ABM Inventory Analysis quickly identifies and analyses Gross Profit by Product, Product Group, Out of Stock Instances of     Products, Inventory Analysis including Replenishment Analysis, Qty on Hand versus Qty Sold for Current and Prior months. 



Job Costing  


The ABM Job Costing KPI’s Dashboard will SURELY be of interest if you use Job Costing within ABM. This Dashboard reveals key performance indicators like the number of days from completion to invoice date, the number of days of NO ACTIVITY, Jobs Gross Profit and so on.

Cool huh? 


There you have it! Just some of the Dashboards for Advanced Business Manager.

So much information at your fingertips…

So easy to view…

So easy to share...

So let Snapshot help you improve your reporting:
  1. Why not install Snapshot for ABM? You can do this within minutes;
  2. Then immediately view your ABM data in a number of popular Dashboards;
  3. Experiment for up to 14 days;
  4. And if you like it, keep it.

There are no upfront costs, no installation costs and you can cancel anytime.

How much is Snapshot for Advanced Business Manager?

It’s as low as $90 per month with no upfront costs, no contracts.

Immediate value, our customers tell us.


All risk-free, and there’s no obligation to purchase.
A bit of a "no brainer" for Advanced Business Manager customers, we think.
You decide.


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