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Hey Sage Evolution Customer!

Want the right information from your financials, from just about any area of your business?
Prefer real-time, operational or financial information with great visuals?
Need awesome charts, graphs, maps, pivots, grids, and more, all with the click of your mouse?


Snapshot does all of this and MORE!

Snapshot plugs directly into your Sage Evolution and offers permission-based business intelligence to individuals and the team, anywhere, anytime.  

We've written about Snapshot in much more detail here so grab a coffee and have a read or skip that and head straight to what Sage Evolution customers love about Snapshot:

  1. There’s no need to run or schedule reports as they’re are all real time.  Simply open the dashboard and leave it open;
  2. Each staff member can have their own unique dashboards with Key Performance Information relevant to them;
  3. All dashboards have multiple level drill-down capability allowing you to dynamically change your view on the fly;
  4. Access Dashboard information anywhere anytime (e.g.from a web browser or  an iPad or Android Tablet).


It only takes a few minutes to install Snapshot and you can log in and see value immediately. There's nothing more for you to do as the software will instantly trawl through your accounting and business data and populate a range of Dashboards across:

  1. General Ledger
  2. Sales
  3. Incidents
  4. Purchasing
  5. Inventory
  6. Job Costing

Take a look at some of the examples of the kind of information you will have available, with Snapshot:

General Ledger


In the Sage Evolution General Ledger Dashboards category we’ve including Profit & Loss Dashboards with 3 segment and 5 segment options.
The Project Profit & Loss Dashboard below is pretty useful too. You can also DRILL DOWN and customise this Dashboard further, if you need to.

  Project Profit and Loss Dashboard



The Sage Evolution Sales Dashboards will satisfy just about any sales information hungry customer!

Instantly view popular Dashboards covering a wide variety of Sales Business Intelligence. For example, the Customer /Rep Sales Dashboard (below) allows Sales Managers to view customers against sales reps.
You can also customise the Dashboard to only show customers per rep.

 sales by sales rep dashboard

And sales reps can access this (and other Dashboards) from anywhere, using an iPad or Android Tablet.


Those Sage Evolution customers using Incident Tracking will appreciate the instant information available in these Dashboards.

One way to use these type of Dashboards is to have them LIVE, displayed in your customer call centre, offering real-time information to all managers and agents.

 Incident anaylysis dashboard sage evolution 


The Sage Evolution Purchasing Dashboards are compelling indeed.  View the Purchase Value by Supplier, Number of Overdue Purchase Orders, Average Lead Time based on Delivery and Invoice dates.

Here's the Purchase Order Dashboard below, with values and trends, lead times, top 10 suppliers, overdue purchase orders and spend per supplier.  Can you visualise this on your own data?

 Purchase orders dashboard


If your business in inventory intensive you’ll love the Inventory Dashboards for Sage Evolution.

View your Top 10 customers Inventory Sales, Year to Date versus Prior Year to Date and drill down to a monthly comparison. 

 Top 10 customers sage evolution dashboard


Job Costing


And if you’re using Job Costing these two Dashboards offer valuable "on the fly"  Job Costing information.

Many Job Costing customers add their own Job Dashboards in the Custom Dashboard area of Snapshot. 
Ask us about what information you'd like customised  - you'd be surprised how quickly we can display your valuable information.


 Job costing dashboards from Sage Evolution


So, want to see instant real-time information?

  1. Why not install Snapshot for Sage Evolution? It only takes a few minutes;
  2. In a flash you will be able to see valuable Dashboards ON YOUR OWN DATA;
  3. You’re welcome to trial for 14 days;

It’s as easy as that.

If you like Snapshot, you can subscribe. If no, do nothing.

There are no upfront costs, no installation costs and you can cancel anytime.
Your investment ranges from $90 per month (NZ and ZAR pricing is also available)

It’s tremendously easy to see the value because we’ve made the pricing so cost effective for any business, small or large.

What are you waiting for?  

Snapshot Free Trial 

 Once you've trialled, you decide.

All risk-free, no obligation, NO BRAINER, right?

 By the way, there’s a Snapshot for Advanced Business ManagerSybiz Vision and  Sybiz Visipay too. 

Snapshot for Sage Evolution works with:

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