We get it. 

It’s simply not that easy getting information out of your payroll to make those important people decisions quickly and easily, without much fuss.

Well, what if we gave you a simple, easy to understand (and communicate) way to get instant, REAL-TIME access to never before seen Payroll and Human Resource HR information?


What if we gave you a way to reduce the payroll information overload AND empower the payroll team at the same time? 


Powerful, useful data is captured into your Sybiz Visipay payroll database every single day but it’s  difficult to mine AND produce quick visuals to help make good business decisions. 

You CAN solve this, however...

  What if you could spend less time in Microsoft Excel and instead instantly view the right payroll data, helping you make smarter, quicker, more intelligent PEOPLE decisions?


Well, here’s a little secret fact.

It’s pretty easy to improve your payroll information productivity with THE best reporting tool for Sybiz Visipay.

It’s called Snapshot for Sybiz Visipay.
Snapshot-for-payroll-will-make-your-payroll-data-come-alive         Snapshot for Sybiz Visipay installs within minutes and interrogates your data to display some pretty amazing information, in a range of easy to view VISUAL Dashboards. With almost no training required, you can change the way you view your Payroll information.


We’ve explained Snapshot in some depth here so we won’t rehash the story of how it all works.  

Rather, let’s show you some examples of Dashboards our Snapshot for Visipay customers absolutely love.
In fact, we've heard some customers call these Dashboards sexy. Each to their own, we guess.

 The Service and Accrual Dashboard


This instant visual Dashboard above displays valuable employee data with filtering options including Leave Type selection, Length of Service and Departments. You can even view upcoming birthdays!

Number of Pays Processed Dashboard


This Payroll Dashboard gives the payroll team an immediate handle on the number of payslips processed by location, staff type, pay group and department, amongst other filtering options.

(By the way, most of the Snapshot Dashboards have easy filtering and drill down options offering every user customised Dashboards.)

 Projected Annual Leave Dashboard


Like all other Dashboards, this instantly interrogates the existing employee information and presents the data in a view to easily project employee annual leave in hours, or days with actuals and forecasts immediately visible to the relevant payroll employee.

 There you have it!

We've only given you a few examples of different types of payroll dashboards available for Sybiz Visipay. There are more Dashboards avaiable to you but allow us to point out something pretty uniquewe’ve given customers an easy way to request additional dashboards RIGHT OUT OF THE SOFTWARE.

With a simple click, you can order Dashboards directly from our Payroll Developers. You can find that option under Settings (see below.)


Easy, huh?

Some of these new dashboards are developed for the Community (which means they get added to your Snapshot for free) and some are developed for your specific business. 


Improve payroll reporting

What are you waiting for?

Take action now to improve your Payroll Information and Sharing!

How? It's easy:

  1. Install Snapshot for Sybiz Visipay  - we’ll do it for you in minutes;
  2. Immediately see your own payroll data populated into very useful Dashboards;
  3. Have a play! Change views, export to Excel and share Dashboards with others;
  4. You have 14 days and there's no cost & no obligation;
  5. And if you like it, subscribe for a very low cost per month.

There are no upfront software costs, no installation costs and you can cancel anytime.

Snapshot Free Trial 

 And then you decide.

All risk-free, no obligation, NO BRAINER, right?

 By the way, there’s a Snapshot for Advanced Business ManagerOstendoSage Evolution and Sybiz Vision too. If you’re using any of these accounting packages, then ask us for a free demonstration here

Snapshot for Payroll works with:

Sybiz Visipay