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Cash Manager plugs directly into your business financials!

Get instant visibility:

  • Improve cashflow
  • Improve short and long term forecasting
  • Improve debtors collection
  • Easily communicate all outstanding debts to customers with the click of a button.
  • View upcoming supplier invoices and prepare approval reports to email to a supervisor in an instant.
  • Generate as many cashflow forecasts as required.
  • Forecast from budget over a 12 month range instantly with the click of a mouse.
  • Cash Manager is interwoven into the core of your business accounting and financial system and reads data directly - no integration, copying or importing of data required!



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Cash Manager Customer DashboardInstantly see your late paying debtors, oldest outstanding invoices and key customer statistics all in one place


Cash Manager All Invoices by AgeView all invoices in one screen in age order and enter notes against each invoice, including estimated payment date

 Cash Manager Email RemindersSend email reminders to all customers with personalised messages, all at the click of a button 

  Cash Manager Budget RevisionsCreate budget revisions quickly to generate new cashflow forecasts instantly 
Cash Manager Cashflow ForecastsCreate cashflow forecasts from budgets up to 3 years in advance   Cash Manager Email TemplatesPrepare different email templates to send to customers based on the age of the debt  



More about Cash Manager


There are some immediate benefits to managing your cashflow with Cash Manager:

        • Improve the invoice to cash process
        • Improve collection outcomes by improving automation and efficiency of the receivables process
        • Automate management of the payables process
        • Watch your cashflow in "real time" using intelligent analytical tools
        • Predict your bank balance short, medium or long term - impress your bank manager!


Key Sections


Debtors Invoice Manager

Dashboard Views:
  • Bank Balance & prior 6 months graphical view
  • Total Debtors
  • Daily Debtor Cash Flow
  • Average Debtor Days (Company Wide)
  • Top 10 Late Paying Debtors - Last 6 months
  • Top 20 Most Outstanding Invoices
  • View all invoices by Customer & Age or individually
    • Sort by Days Old to see most outstanding
    • Average Days to Pay per Customer - identify poor payers
    • See Revised Expected due dates
    • Send intelligent automated email reminders based on oldest invoice age
    • Automatically log reminder emails against customers 
Creditor Invoice Manager

Dashboard Views
    • Bank Balance & prior 6 months graphical view
    • Total Creditors
    • Daily Creditors Cashflow
    • Average Creditor Days
    • Top 20 Payments overdue
View all invoices by Supplier & age or individually
  • Sort invoices by Days Old
  • Average Days to Pay per Supplier
  • Produce Automatic Payment Report for invoices required to be paid.
  • ViewEdit Cashflow Forecasts to provide What If analysis

and save multiple forecasts (as many as you like)
Edit Cashflow Forecasts to provide What If analysis
and save multiple forecasts (as many as you like)
Cashflow Forecasting

View all invoices by Supplier & Age or individually
  • Group General Ledger Accounts into Customised Cashflow Groups for Customised Cash Flow Statements Graph any of your Cashflow Forecasts against each other and vs Actual
  • Store Multiple Budget Revisions for generating different Cashflow forecasts
  • Produce Cashflow Forecasts based on GL Budgets or Budget Revisions
  • Edit Cashflow Forecasts to provide "What If" analysis and save multiple forecasts (as many as you like)
  • Produce Short Term Cashflow projections for the next 30 days (off recent Debtor & Creditor Invoice Due Dates, GST Due & Wages).

Works with

Sybiz Vision


Sage Evolution