• You can adjust the time per day, instead of per role. So depending on the company needs, if some staff have 30 minute lunch breaks and some have 60 minutes, set your lunch time to 30 minutes and then choose two lunch breaks if needed for the 60 min employee.
  • No, you can enter your mobile number/ID to use TimePlus
  • No, this is either by the employee or the administrator themselves
  • When you check this box the pay type will automatically be added to the staff roles section. Once chosen, the user can set the start and end time for that pay type per day of the week. If this box is unchecked the pay type will not be included in the staff roles section but still appear in the data entry screens under the leave drop down. Some example of this use are below:
    Checked included in role Not Checked included in role
    Normal Time  Sick Leave
    Time and a Half  Public Holiday
    Double Time  
  • This is in the development pipeline
  • Yes, TimePlus is a response web application and is supported by any smart device. A user simply navigates to the site and can create a shortcut on their desktop.
  • It is for per company. An employee can have access to all input methods, but is limited to using one input method per day.
  • It does not at this time, but it can be developed.
  • At this time, it does not have offline access. The employee can capture without internet, if on the business server. This is a version 2 enhancement
  • Yes, see under Reports. Once you have generated the report, you can click on the employee name and verify and or update.
  • TimePlus is a Web application and uses Microsoft IIS -the data resides on the customer's server.
  • Once TimePlus has been set up with Sybiz Visipay, you have the ability to import staff details, using the Import Staff link (under the Staff icon). TimePlus will then bring in the staff members (from Sybiz Visipay) into one screen. The Administrator can then scroll through each name and add additional detail like ID/Mobile number as well as select the Role. Once added, the staff member will be removed from that screen. They cannot be added twice to TimePlus.
  • The initial customer this was designed for was comfortable with staff having the ability to manage/change times. It is likely we would add a Setting to allow/deny this under Admin to give options to difference company's policies.
  • A supervisor or administration will be required to login and modify the scan off time for the user. They have full control of the data and can back date the information.
  • No, currently you must setup the TimePlus pay types one by one within the system. This is to ensure the correct matching between Vision and Visipay pay and earning code information is selected.
  • TimePlus works on Desktop, and Touch Screen
  • A role can have multiple pay types per day. In the roles edit page, you simplify specify the start and end time for each pay type and TimePlus will automatically calculate the hours based on which user enters the data.
  • No, Currently all jobs are available for selection by the employees.

TimePlus data is stored in a Microsoft SQL server database. You can simplify setup a backup plan as per your requirements.